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Amy Keseday Papa, ESQ.

Email: apapa@bolanjahnsen.com

              In Aug 2009, when Amy first agreed to join the firm, we couldn’t wait for her to start.  September, you see,  is our busiest  month; it’s “all hands on deck” time .  Amy, however, had other plans, so on what was supposed to be her first day on the job, she instead got married. What’s  worse, she spent the next two weeks on her Honeymoon – pretty much foreclosing us extending any “honeymoon” period upon her return. 

              To her credit Amy hit the ground running day one and within a decade our disenchantment with her putting her marriage first waned somewhat, but obviously is still worth mentioning (don’t worry, we’ll get over it someday).  Never one to sit still, and unwilling to divorce her husband or abandon their two kids, Amy’s repertoire  has evolved to embrace the fields of Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Probate and Real Estate – thus fulfilling both her need for a more flexible schedule than that imposed by the Courts, our need to have a more well-balanced practice, and your needs in areas of law  which demand compassion and meticulous attention to detail. 

Admitted to New Jersey State Bar and Federal District Court of New Jersey.

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