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On July 4, 1996, the founding partners of this firm, Daniel S. Jahnsen and Terrence J. Bolan, declared their independence from their former employers and commenced a practice concentrating in the trial of contested matters before the our State’s Superior and Federal Courts. Their goal was simple; provide a sharply focused, yet resourcefully creative, level of advocacy on behalf of their clients, and by doing so, shock the hell out of their respective mothers-in-law. Mission Accomplished.

What makes the firm unique is that it has taken the edge and confidence associated with trial attorneys with hundreds of verdicts under their belts and combined it with a supporting cast of detail oriented attorneys with self described analytical superiority who somehow take all the credit for our results. Truth be told, we have strived to attract and cultivate a unique compliment of attorneys who challenge us, and each other, in their approach to their cases and their craft. No egg heads, no pencil necked geeks. Just razor sharp, competitive, and consummate professionals.

It is not “by chance” that we have collected the troupe of attorneys who comprise the firm. As our biographies clearly establish, not a single one of this collegial band of attorneys has an undergraduate degree that could land them a job as a “paper weight” in the real world. We have Historians, Philosophers, Political Scientists, Economists, Sorcerers, Comedians, Marine Psychologists, you name it!

We understand, too, that we are in a service industry; our clients place a premium on being kept “real time” on their cases. Yet given the stressful nature of the business, we also put our own premium on filling this need with a succinct, humor laced repartee. The firm’s philosophy is simple: give the client the product, make it cost efficient by focusing not on counting your minutes, but on making your minutes count. We have learned how to focus the pretrial process and discern what is needed to obtain the desired results and what is unnecessary, superfluous “over preparation” often done by lawyers who rarely try cases. We abhor “litigating”, a process whereby “litigators” engage in a never ending, often useless and always environmentally unfriendly discovery process only to then recommend a late increase in reserves. While sometimes “litigating” is unavoidable (multi-party cases involving “litigators” are a fact of life) we always manage to provide excellent, cost efficient results to our clientele.

We’d love to say the growth and continued success of the firm is the result of some grand design. The fact is that it is more likely due to a tremendous fear of failure. That motivation has not just lead to hundreds of favorable verdicts before juries, but also to our participation in numerous Appellate and Supreme Court decisions which have helped sculpt the law. Our dedication in this regard has also enabled us to enjoy the respect of the members of the bench and our esteemed colleagues of the bar. At the end of the day, we love what we do and the way we do it, and are grateful first and foremost to the loyal clients we serve.

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